Question about json file


I have dicom files that I would like to convert to nii.gz with dcm2niix and I get the json files according to BIDS format (at least this is what I am hoping :slight_smile: ).
In the json file I see a part called “SeriesDescription”: name of the sequence and “ProtocolName”: name of the sequence.
In order to make my funct or anat images compatible with BIDS, of course, I will need to change their names, and my question is should I also change the SeriesDescription and/or ProtocolName parts in the (original) json file?

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi @meka

Thank you for your question! To clarify - the metadata information you are referencing (SeriesDescription and ProtocolName) are recommended, but not required. The required metadata json file is for the func scan. I am guessing when you are saying “change their name” this is the filename of your anat and func scans? The name of the json file will be matched with your anat and func filename.

Perhaps because you have the dicom files HeuDiConv could be a good solution. We have a tutorial that may help with using HeuDiConv.

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