Question about Organizing into BIDS folder structure with Extra Files


I’m writing code organize the files from an imaging study into the BIDS format. I’m curious what to do with ‘extra’ files? For example, the task data is spit out in a couple of different ways–and one of these files I’ve converted into the events.tsv file type that BIDS wants. I want to retain the other log files created–what is the suggestion? Can I keep them in the appropriate folder and leave them untouched, or should they be removed and exist as ‘extra files’ outside of the BIDS hierarchy?


Hi @mbp,

For additional, non-BIDS files I normally put them in the derivatives directory. However, if you wanted them with the events.tsv files, you could potentially put them there and add their absolute paths to .bidsignore

If they’re files that you convert to BIDS, the sourcedata/ directory is recommended.

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