Question about Steinmetz data

Our Team get confused with labeling of data. For example for dat['response'] : which side the response was ( -1 , 0 , 1 ). When the right-side stimulus had higher contrast, the correct choice was -1 . 0 is a no go response.
It made us think that is related to rotating wheel, but after lots of argument, we realized that it’s only related to where the higher contrast is but not in which direction the mouse rotate the wheel.
Am I correct?!


I was thinking about this too.
The way I understood is that dat[‘response’] contains the actual choices of the mouse, being -1 if he rotated right, and 0 if it did a no-go response. So to see if the response was correct, the sign of the value in dat[‘response’] for a given trial should be the same as the sign of the value in dat[‘contrast_left]-dat[contrast_right’] for the corresponding trial.
Does it make sense?


This is correct. The response is -1 for a high contrast on the right, because in that case the mouse has to rotate the wheel leftwards in order to bring the right stimulus into the center.

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