Question about streamline-based registration

By minimizing the Bundle-based Minimum Distance (BMD), streamlines become closer. My question is would such registration lose individual differences?

Garyfallidis, E., Ocegueda, O., Wassermann, D., & Descoteaux, M. (2015). Robust and efficient linear registration of white-matter fascicles in the space of streamlines. NeuroImage , 117 , 124-140.


Individual differences in what? Are you referring to streamline geometry or something like microstructure scalar values along the length of a bundle?


I refer to the streamline geometry. The geometry of bundles becomes similar after registration.

The result of tractograpy is a set of streamline. But we perform registration to let streamlines of different subjects overlap each other. So the tractograpy results were the same for different subjects?

Thank you for answering my question​:hibiscus: :hibiscus: .

The results will not be the same for each subject. It is like the process of aligning brains to one another - sure the size of each brain may become standardized, but you will still see differences in where gray and white matter are, for example. Similarly in streamlines, tracts may as a whole become longer or shorter due to normalization with head size, but the relative length of the streamline in the head will remain the same.

Thanks a lot, Steven. It’s helpful.
So after registration, we can compare the same bundle microstructure scalar values cross subjects?