Questions about IBL Dataset

Hi everyone,

I am working with the IBL behavioural dataset and have a few questions about the data.

Sometimes the trial reward volume is NaN - does this mean no reward was delivered on that trial? For the mouse (nicknamed CSHL_015) it seems all of the trials in session “2019-9-16 13:44:46” have a value of NaN. Also, what do the trial_included values represent and what is the trial_feedback value? Does feedback -1 represent the auditory error cue and 1 represent positive reward?

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Hi Nick,

Thanks for your questions.

  1. If the reward volume is NaN, it means the reward delivered was not recorded for some reason. The trials that have reward volume of 0 indicate trials where no reward was delivered to the mouse.
  2. I have used this query to get the trial data for this session and the data seems to be there
    behavior.TrialSet.Trial() * acquisition.Session & {'session_start_time': "2019-9-16 13:44:46"} Does this match the query you were using?
  3. I think the trial_included column is not used. I think this was to indicate trials that had missing data that shouldn’t be used for analysis. I will confirm with my colleague and get back to you on this question.
  4. Yes, feedback -1, means the mouse got the trial wrong and received an auditory error cue and 1 means it was correct and received water reward.

I hope that helps!