Raw data? help in preprocess

Hi guys, recently I am involve in a project that need to make used of fMRI data. However I am very new to fMRI data (working alone) and I just want to enquire that is all the data in openfmri raw data? which means that I will need to use some sort of tools like matlab SPM to preprocess it before I can perform any task on it right (e.g. classification) ? Also what are the good tools that are recommended to do the preprocess on the fMRI data? Appreciate for the replies and forgive me for the stupid question :’(

Have a look at http://fmriprep.readthedocs.io/en/stable/ for processing.

It might be good to read a couple of books about fMRI (or do online classes) just so you would know what’s going on.

Alright. By that means that the data provided from openfMRI is raw data right? As the time is very short to allow me to do it :’(. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion and definitely will try it. Thanks!

Some of the OpenfMRI datasets are provided in a preprocessed for on OpenNeuro.org (look for outputs of the FMRIPREP app).