Raw diffusion MRI data for ds000030


I have two questions regarding the dataset ds000030.

The data descriptor (https://www.nature.com/articles/sdata2016110) says the diffusion-weighted data have been corrected for eddy currents and head motion. Are the raw data (before preprocessing) available to download?

The data descriptor mentions the quality assessment for the diffusion-weighted data. Are the quality rating results available anywhere? I would like to remove those unusable data.

Thank you!

Hi @xuagu37

Thank you for your question! Regarding your questions:

  1. It appears the data on OpenNeuro for ds30 is the raw data. It appears this what the authors performed and this would have been shared via the derivatives folder. The raw diffusion can be found in the subj-*/dwi folder from OpenNeuro.

  2. We have the mriqc outputs can be found on our legacy openfmri site. These outputs can be found in the derivatives folder.

Thank you,

Hi Franklin,

Thanks for your reply.
It seems the link you sent to me only contains the QC results for anatomical and functional data but not for diffusion.

Hi @xuagu37,

mriqc (currently) only supports anatomical and functional images.
I would suggest you post a question regarding the dwi quality control at the dataset’s openneuro site.

HTH, cheers, Peer