Re: "pepolar" unwarping method with fmriprep - single reverse-encoded EPI for all BOLD runs?

Hi all,

I imagine this will be a pretty quick one, but I have a dataset where I have acquired several EPI BOLD runs with P>>A phase encoding, and a single brief EPI with reversed A>>P phase encoding. The intention is of course to use the “pepolar” TOPUP method for unwarping.

As I intend for this acquisition to be used to unwarp all of my P>>A acquisitions, is it possible for me to list multiple BOLD runs in the “IntendedFor” section of the JSON file, or do I need to do something like create multiple copies of the reverse-encoded NIFTI and JSON files with different “IntendedFor” values for each BOLD run I wish to unwarp?

(Sorry if this is obvious, I haven’t been able to find an answer in the bids_spec document.)


Yes. From the spec (Section 8.3.5):


Thanks, and sorry for overlooking that!

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