Recommended way to get HCP GLM results into T1w space?


My goal is to get HCP surface-based GLM results in subject volumetric space. I will be using a different software to run GLMs on the surface, so I will be starting with the preprocessed BOLD and structural surface files. As far as I can tell, there are a few ways I can do this:

  1. Use the fsLR 32k CIFTIs in GLM → convert surface to voxels → register voxels from MNI to subject space
  2. Use the fsLR 32k CIFTIs in GLM → register surface from fsLR to subject space → convert surface to voxels
  3. Use the subject space func.gii in GLM → convert surface to voxels

Are there any strong pros/cons one way or the other?

In addition, for options 1/2, how would I do this registration? For the voxel-based registration, would I use FLIRT (or some similar command) with the /MNINonLinear/xfms/standard2acpc_dc.nii.gz file? I do not have much experience with surfaces, so I do not know the corresponding commands for that.

Thank you in advance,