Reconstruction workflow outputs


I was wondering where I can find more information about the files in qsirecon/sub-*/dwi. For example, I used the mrtrix_singleshell_ss3t spec and I see many files in that output. Looking at the corresponding JSON in Github, I’m having a hard time identifying which mrtrix commands are being used to track down what each output means.



You can check the mrtrix_singleshell_ss3t pipeline on qsiprep wiki. or you can check the mrtrix3 wiki to see the pipeline detail.

Thank you. The qsiprep wiki in Github only has a couple pages. Is there another one I’m missing? The reconstruction workflows in the latest version of the documentation seems incomplete.

Maybe you can read their paper?

We have more info here. The exact commands are available in the working directory and there should be a description of the workflow in the html output.

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