Recreate FMRIPREP confounds TSV from JSON

Hi all,

I recently started using the latest FMRIPREP version, but failed to notice that the confound TSV filename has changed relative to the old version I had been using.

As a result, a python script I use to generate a filtered nuisance regressors file saved over the original confounds file [cursub_confound_filename.replace(‘confounds.tsv’,‘confounds_filt.txt’); couldn’t find the to-be-replaced string, ended up overwriting the original TSV files]. This effectively deleted a bunch of EVs I might want to leverage in future analyses, not to mention creating a less-than-ideal situation where my TSV and JSON files do not match in my FMRIPREP output folder.

Is there a simple/relatively quick way to force FMRIPREP to recreate the TSV files via the JSON file data? Would rather not have to write a script to do this from scratch!

Any suggestions much appreciated!