Regarding the output question of XCP_D

Regarding the output question of XCP_D: Is “sub-1662_task-rest_space-fsLR_atlas-Schaefer417_den-91k_measure-pearsoncorrelation_conmat.pconn.nii” calculated based on the Yeo-7 network or Yeo-17 network?

The reason I asked this question is that based on the file naming convention, I thought it might be the Yeo-17 network (Schaefer417 = 400 brain regions and 17 network ). However, after examining the source code of XCP_D, I believe the output file is based on the Yeo-7 network.Therefore, I cannot understand which network template was actually used.

Hi @Donggua,

You might find this file helpful to map XCP region index to network labels. . You can see it has both the 7 and 17 network label regions.


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Thank you so much! coooool…