Register Now: IronTract Challenge Round II Webinar

Hi everybody!

The IronTract Challenge has been extended for a second round and is now accepting new participants. The best pre- and post-processing strategies from the highest-scoring teams in Round I will now be provided to all teams. This new challenge focuses on the reproducibility upstream to the reconstruction and tractography methods.

There will be a live event next Friday, October 9th where Anastasia Yendiki and Chiara Maffei from Harvard Medical School will be explaining how you can participate in the second round of the IronTract Challenge.

The webinar will include:

  • A brief summary of the results of the previous round, as presented at ISMRM’20
  • An introduction to the new challenge
  • A tutorial on how to participate and submit your code the QMENTA’s platform

We invite the overall community of groundbreaking computational researchers working on diffusion MRI to participate and come together to share their best algorithms as well as their knowledge on the great challenges related to accuracy, reproducibility and standardization of diffusion MRI reconstruction methods. The new deadline to participate in the challenge is November 8th.

There will be monetary rewards for the final winners of the challenge.
Join the live event to know more.

Time: Oct 9, 2020 12:00 PM in [Mountain Time (US and Canada)]