Registering Neurovault images in FSL MNI space

Need help with registration to MNI_1mm template

I downloaded subcortical masks from the Neurovault site, but while the voxel size is the same 1mm cubed, the voxel dimensions are different between these images (193x229x193) and the FSL template (182x218x182). How can I overlay these volumes onto the MNI_152_1mm_template? I tried re-registering to MNI , but the results are crap! thanks for your help

Maps from neurovault are already in MNI - you don’t need to realign the image just resample it (for example using:

I have found this to be confusing over the years. FSL’s template says:
‘Kindly supplied by Andrew Janke, this is derived from 152 structural images, averaged together after high-dimensional nonlinear registration into the common MNI152 co-ordinate system. It corresponds to the “152 nonlinear 6th generation” atlas.’ When you go to the 6th generation template:, they are the dimensions discussed above. The templates “used to be” in 182x218x182, but it seems like they’ve been updated on the site? Does it matter about dimensions or just real world space? indicates “whereas both FSL and SPM use an asymmetric version.” but the symmetric version is on the site with that link.