Release of BIDS version 1.9.0

BIDS version 1.9.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.9.0 of the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)!

The main addition of this release is the inclusion of BIDS extension proposal (BEP) 029 to support motion data.

BIDS-Motion makes motion data interoperable across different laboratories and with other data modalities in human brain and behavioral research. It supports various types of motion capture systems including motion tracking in virtual space.

We would like to thank contributors to this BEP, led by Sein Jeung and Julius Welzel with significant contributions from Helena Cockx and others.

Check out the preprint associated with this BEP.

Example datasets for motion data can be found on our BIDS example repository:

Motion datasets can already be validated with the BIDS validator and queried with libraries like pybids or bids-matlab.

The latest version of the BIDS schema that includes this extension can be easily interacted with the bidsschematools python package.

Some of the other notable changes also included in this release:

Filename entities updates:

  • Add an OPTIONAL “chunk” entity to MRI datatype #1586
  • Remove atlas entity and replace it with seg in prep of BEP038 #1579
  • Allow for an OPTIONAL “echo” entity to be used with T1w and other nonparametric anatomical suffixes #1570
  • Adding an OPTIONAL “task” entity to structural MRI acquisitions #1185
  • Clarify that data files must be uniquely identified by entities/suffix #1508

Metadata updates:

  • Allow Levels field of column descriptions to be objects with TermURLs for each level #1603
  • Add “visual correction” and “head stabilization” metadata #1539
  • Permit CITATION.cff as structured alternative to some dataset_description fields #1525
  • Add screen parameters metadata #1369


  • Clarify meaning of raw vs derivative datasets #1537
  • Demote sample and value columns in events.tsv from OPTIONAL to arbitrary #1457

Full release note

We would like to thank our growing list of contributors and our community for their continued effort to improve BIDS.

The BIDS team