Reorganizing site presentation

@malin : at a recent workshop @emdupre, @effigies, and i had a chat about neurostars, and what we could do to enhance its presentation and outreach to different neuroscience communities, not just specific software developers in neuroimaging. some of this was motivated by the Jupyter discourse.

here are some thoughts that came out of the meeting.

  1. Make the categories page the default landing page. Also include a banner that describes this site:
# Welcome to the Neurostars Forum

This is a place for the neuroscience community to interact with one another, 
share stories of their research, ask for help, and give help to others.  
**For more information**  about this site, see [the “Welcome to Neurostars” post](CREATE_AND_ADD LINK). 
Otherwise, check out the channels below, we’re excited for you to join the conversation!

here is the jupyter welcome post:

  1. Keep/Create a set of high level broad categories. what this should be is up for discussion, but here are a few that popped out
  • Neuro Questions (already exists): Change description to --> This is a place to ask any and all questions about Neuroscience.
  • Announcements (already exists): keep description
  • Site feedback: keep description
  • Communities: This can contain introductory posts by various communities linking to their tags.
  1. Not discussed at the workshop, but I think having an INCF GSoC category is fine, but perhaps the INCF Tools could be done via tags?

Let’s discuss more :slight_smile:

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@satra We are currently reworking on Neurostars. So this came in the right time :slight_smile:

Planning to do the following (you have suggested most of them)

  1. Make categories page as the default landing page
  2. Restructure the current categories
  3. Add proper descriptions to categories
  4. Introduce a top banner with “How to start” documentation and other important links

Will discuss with @mathew and @malin and come back to you with more details.

Meanwhile if you have more suggestions, please feel free to add.


Thanks for starting this conversation, @satra !

The other suggestion I wanted to ping in is that some categories (in particular, I’m thinking of a sort of “Software Helpdesk” where users can ask questions) might benefit from a minimal topic template. So, for Software questions, it could look something like:

What version are you using:

How did you try to run it:

What behavior were you expecting:

What happened instead:

Would love to know what folks think ! Thanks as always –


Also of note: one thing I really like in Jupyter Discourse is that they show the approximate number of posts in each category per month, rather than overall. It helps to give a sense of relative activity but keeps the numbers from getting overwhelming !

Thanks again –