Replicating Thompson et al. 2019 factor scores

Has anyone attempted to replicate the cognition factor scores (General Ability, Executive Function, Learning/Memory) from Thompson et al. 2019? I have been using the factor loadings reported in the original manuscript and borrowing from the open source code (GitHub - ABCD-STUDY/BPPCA_Neurocognition_Thompson_etal_2018: The Structure of Cognition in 9 and 10 year-old Children and Associations with Problem Behaviors: Findings from the ABCD Study’s Baseline Neurocognitive Battery.) but have been unable to reconcile the factor scores I’ve calculated with the factor scores available from DEAP (,, and The correlations between my calculated scores and the DEAP scores are greater than 0.9 but not quite 1.

Here are my calculations:$thompson_PC1 <- (0.754*$PicVocab)+(0.213*$Flanker)+(0.471*$List)+(0.205*$CardSort)+(0.015*$Pattern)+(0.012*$Picture)+(0.82*$Reading)+(0.306*$RAVLT)+(0.5*$LMT)$thompson_PC2 <- (0.065*$PicVocab)+(0.712*$Flanker)+(0.148*$List)+(0.71*$CardSort)+(0.813*$Pattern)+(0.135*$Picture)+(0.12*$Reading)+(0.125*$RAVLT)+(0.299*$LMT)$thompson_PC3 <- (0.19*$PicVocab)+(0.067*$Flanker)+(0.493*$List)+(0.232*$CardSort)+(0.085*$Pattern)+(0.863*$Picture)+(0.122*$Reading)+(0.712*$RAVLT)+(0.068*$LMT)