Request for bad quality MRI data

I am part of a team putting an educational session together for this year’s ISMRM regarding the importance of data quality. We are seeking examples of bad quality data to highlight the importance of standardised acquisition and data processing, particularly in small animal imaging.

It is our intention to collate and distribute examples of structural (T1w and T2w) and functional (bold) rodent MRI data with questionable quality (i.e., that would be discarded at some point before the final analysis) and make it available via OpenNeuro as an educational resource.

If you are interested in contributing to this resource, you must:

  • agree to make the data freely available under a CC0 license (as required by
  • provide information about the ethical approvals required for the data acquisition (e.g., ethical board approvals, home office approval in the UK, etc.)
  • provide the relevant information about funding and potential conflicts of interest

In return:

  • you and anyone associated with the data acquisition can be listed as an author on the citeable OpenNeuro repository
  • the rubbish data you thought would never go anywhere will see the light of day – meaning that those hours of scanning were not in vain!
  • you will be able to contribute to the (probable) “publication bias” in MRI data quality :slight_smile:

Additionally, there may be some scope for turning this work (perhaps with key outcomes from the educational symposium) into a manuscript, provided there is enough interest.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. We would appreciate it if you can provide us with your examples as soon as possible, but no later than 29th of April to be considered for the event.