Rerun Tedana with different decision tree

Is it possible to rerun Tedana with a different decision tree? Say I first run the workflow with “tree=kundu” and then want to try “tree=minimal”, is it possible to rerun the denoising step without doing the full analysis all over again?

This seems like an excellent question for @handwerkerd , given our recent changes to the decision tree. Off the top of my head, I believe you could use the --mix option to directly specific the previous mixing matrix from the PCA->ICA step, and thus those portions would be skipped. Be sure to specify a new --out_dir.

Sorry for the delayed response. I was traveling when the initial message was sent & this slipped past me. The easiest way to do this is to use the --mix option to supply the ICA mixing matrix from a previous run of tedana. There will be a few things that are unnecessarily re-calculated, but the most computationally intensive step (PCA & ICA) will be skipped and you should get identical results through the decision tree step. If you want to compare decision tree results, you can use dtm_tools.

FWIW, my long-term to do list includes adding this functionality to ica_reclassify to avoid all repeated calculations. I’m not sure when I’ll get into it.