Resample CAT12 outputs to fsaverage


I try to resample cat12 cortical thickness outputs to fsaverage. When using mri_surf2surf it fails not having a label file of the source. I am not sure how to address that being a novice in terms of surface analyses and not sure where I get this information from. Can somebody provide me with some hints how to achieve the resampling?

Grateful for any input.



mri_surf2surf --srcsubject sub-000480a3 --trgsubject fsaverage7 --surfreg sphere.reg.T1.gii --hemi rh --sval sub-000480a3/surf/rh.thickness.T1 --tval sub-000480a3/surf/rh.fsaverage.thickness.T1.gii --cortex 

sysname  Linux
hostname node072
machine  x86_64
user     fatx405
srcsubject = sub-000480a3
srcval     = sub-000480a3/surf/rh.thickness.T1
srctype    = 
trgsubject = fsaverage7
trgval     = sub-000480a3/surf/rh.fsaverage.thickness.T1.gii
trgtype    = 
srcsurfreg = sphere.reg.T1.gii
trgsurfreg = sphere.reg.T1.gii
srchemi    = rh
trghemi    = rh
frame      = 0
fwhm-in    = 0
fwhm-out   = 0
label-src  = rh.cortex.label
label-trg  = rh.cortex.label
OKToRevFaceOrder  = 1
UseDualHemi = 0
Reading source surface reg /scratch/fatx405.1558254/sub-000480a3/tmp//input/sub-000480a3/surf/rh.sphere.reg.T1.gii
Loading source data
Reading source subject label mask rh.cortex.label
error: No such file or directory
error: mri_surf2surf: could not open label file /scratch/fatx405.1558254/sub-000480a3/tmp//input/sub-000480a3/label/rh.cortex.label

CAT12 output

lh.central.T1.gii     rh.pbt.T1
lh.pbt.T1             rh.pial.T1.gii
lh.sphere.reg.T1.gii  rh.sphere.reg.T1.gii
lh.sphere.T1.gii      rh.sphere.T1.gii
lh.thickness.T1       rh.thickness.T1
rh.central.T1.gii     rh.white.T1.gii

Issue is solved using the builtin resampling functionality of cat12. Example code called within the cat container (Małgorzata Wierzba / cat-container · GitLab) is -b $CAT_CODE_DIR/cat_standalone_resample.txt -a1 "12" -a2 "0" /tmp_out/lh.thickness.T1