Research data management category?

This is a topic with relevance to a broad audience. Glancing at the number of posts with tags ‘openneuro’ and ‘datalad’ alone, such a category would make it into the top5 of category popularity.

What do you think about establishing “Research data management” as a new category to help people see what is going on in this space, what the problems are, and what the solutions could be – while having to be less creative with the search terms?


I think with the current layout of categories (Questions, Announcements, Chat, and per Event) I think it would be “non-orthogonal”: if I have question - should it go to Questions or RDM?

I think having a tag RDM or Research Data Management would be a better fit and then post could be present in any of the current categories.


@yarikoptic Agree with you. With the current structure, it may be better to have a tag called rdm. The tag research-data-management may be a bit long with the current tag length in the system, but if it is absolute necessary, we can fix that.