Resolution of Parcellations

Hi there,

This isn’t so much an issue but a question.

Say I have the following nodes in as in the LUT from Yeo2011 Yeo2011_17Networks_ColorLUT (attached). As far as I can tell from the atlas_config (attached) file from QSI prep it looks like the atlases and corresponding node and node number are a higher resolution and include hemispheres.
atlas_config.txt (125.7 KB)
Yeo2011_17Networks_ColorLUT.txt (648 Bytes)

My questions are then; how would QSI’s reconstruction step draw the tractography in the case of the attached set of Yeo2011 ROIs? Would you recommend a finer-grained set of ROIs? What would be the repercussions of using such a gross parcellation?

Any thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated!