Resource Sharing

Hi everyone,

As a young undergrad who is a newcomer to the field, I’m so passionate about learning things, but eventually, when I want to go for it, I become so overwhelmed by options that I let can’t even start!
This thread is for fighting this problem. It would be great if people share their experiences with their learning resources so that people like me can use it. Also, because we have common interests (at least in a broad sense), we would understand each other’s concerns and that what do we want from a resource.
So please share your favorite resources!

PS: I think maybe we can have a google sheet or something so that we can have these resources more organized.




Deciding on material to dive into is indeed a big problem. It is even worse in the Python community. I have a very hard time recommending courses or material for Python beginners because there is so much out there now and so much of the material is free too. To overcome this problem, I recommend to set an exact date, when the search ends and when to start work on the best material that showed up so far. This avoids the eternal search for perfect material and decision fatigue.

Regarding actual material, Dan Goodman has a nice collection on his website:

I heard good things about this course by Wulfram Gerstner but never tried it myself:
It is also available as self paced on



Hey this is exactly how I’ve felt for a while and so I put together this website which maybe helps! You can also read this Twitter thread about it that I wrote