Resources aggregating and estimating the precise timing of neural signalling specifically in human brains

Does anyone know of any good resources that pull together what we currently know about the precise timing of neural signalling in human brains, at least for the proliferation of perceptual information?

Our lab is currently moving to doing more work in EEG and while there is a lot of easy to find research on when, say, the timing on when certain ERP’s emerge, the research on how long it takes for information to be passed, neuron-to-neuron essentially, from say the eye to V1, V2 etc. based on intracranial recordings and the like has been a lot harder to find. I know some research exists on this sort of precise timing but it’s all fairly disparate at least from what I’ve been able to find and intuitively at least it feels like more weight can be leant to what we might be able to infer about the meaning of certain temporal patterns in EEG if we can draw on results from neurophysiological research in people.