Results missing 3 files (Segment_Tissues, Local_tracking, Tracking_Mask); Permission denied

Hi everyone,

I am running tractoflow pipeline to process diffusion MRI data on High Performance Computer. All the several steps seem

to go well, and I can see the output file in the results directory.

However, when I checked the results output files carefully, I found that it missed 3 files: Segment_Tissues, Local_tracking, Tracking_Mask;

Then I checked the .command.err in the work directory, and found that:

/…/scratch/…/…/test/work/76/8b49b53d1726b0ae7306e245cabe45/ line 9: /…/scratch/…/…/test /tractoflow-aging/bin/ Permission denied. So, it seems that the processing steps were stopped by this.

Does anyone meet this problem before? Could you give some suggestions about how to fix it?

Thank you very much!