Right camera sampling rate inconsistencies

Hello, I have been trying to look at the pupil data from ephysChoiceWorld sessions. I have found that the right camera sampling rate is inconsistent, often across different subjects, but sometimes within subjects. For example, for different sessions recorded from mouse “CSHL049”, the sampling rate seems to be 150 Hz or 168 Hz (see below), and the sampling rate of all sessions from mouse “UCLA034” is 262 Hz. I just wanted to flag this as the pupil plotting function plot_pupil_diameter_hist from brainbox.behavior.dlc assumes a sampling rate of 150 Hz for the right camera (as do other camera-related functions). I was also wondering if there are any plans to downsample the camera to be 150 Hz consistently?

Here’s some code for getting the mean sampling rate:

from one.api import ONE
import numpy as np

one = ONE(base_url="https://openalyx.internationalbrainlab.org")

sessions = one.search(

for eid in sessions:
    timepoints = one.load_dataset(eid, "alf/_ibl_rightCamera.times.npy")
    print(f'{eid}: {1/np.nanmean(np.diff(timepoints))} Hz')

and the output:

d839491f-55d8-4cbe-a298-7839208ba12b: 150.40802236653005 Hz
c99d53e6-c317-4c53-99ba-070b26673ac4: 150.40801419547762 Hz
4b7fbad4-f6de-43b4-9b15-c7c7ef44db4b: 168.08251800082388 Hz

Thanks for your help!