Rsa-toolbox Searchlight

Hey everyone,

I’ve run searchlight using rsa-toolbox. Since it’s my first time with SL & rsa-toolbox, I try to stick to order in the demo recipe script included in the toolbox. I need a help of someone who knows the toolbox to help me establish what exactly the functions need.
I have the subject rMaps per model etc., however I want to concatenate across the subjects. Here is the part of the demo code where I get lost on what those two functions actually need:

  1. rsa.util.map2vol(anatVol) - Demo loads in here an array of anatomy file, but is this a template or normalised T1 file?
  2. *rsa.fmri.addBinaryMapToVol(brainVol,Mask.mask,[0 1 0]); - apparently it needs a statistical map as a 3D array of double-precision floats. But I’m not sure it’s that the mask searchlight output for each subject?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Demo code (it’s called DEMO4 in the toolbox):

 % display the location where the effect was inserted (in green):
    brainVol = rsa.fmri.addRoiToVol(rsa.util.map2vol(anatVol),rsa.util.mask2roi(mask),[1 0 0],2);
    brainVol_effectLoc = rsa.fmri.addBinaryMapToVol(brainVol,Mask.*mask,[0 1 0]);
    rsa.fig.showVol(brainVol_effectLoc,'simulated effect [green]',2);
    % display the FDR-thresholded maps on a sample anatomy (signed rank test) :
    brainVol = rsa.fmri.addRoiToVol(rsa.util.map2vol(anatVol),rsa.util.mask2roi(mask),[1 0 0],2);
    brainVol_sr = rsa.fmri.addBinaryMapToVol(brainVol,supraThreshMarked_sr.*mask,[1 1 0]);
    rsa.fig.showVol(brainVol_sr,'signrank, E(FDR) < .05',3)
    % display the FDR-thresholded maps on a sample anatomy (t-test) :
    brainVol = rsa.fmri.addRoiToVol(rsa.util.map2vol(anatVol),rsa.util.mask2roi(mask),[1 0 0],2);
    brainVol_t = rsa.fmri.addBinaryMapToVol(brainVol,supraThreshMarked_t.*mask,[1 1 0]);
    rsa.fig.showVol(brainVol_t,'t-test, E(FDR) < .05',4)