RSA toolbox with non-SPM processed data?

Is there anyone who’s had success using the RSA toolbox from the MRC with non-SPM data? From my reading of the documentation, it should be flexible enough to handle nipype/FSL processed data that doesn’t have an SPM struct, but from diving into the code, there’s a lot of reference to specific fields of the SPM.mat structure, calls to spm_vol for volume reading, et cetera.

(Also, is there a specific RSA toolbox forum somewhere, or is this the proper venue?)


p.s. @hamednili, if you’re reading, you probably know the answer to this off the top of your head…

the only functions that are SPM specific are the ones that do spatial whitening and that compute crossnobis estimates.
the FSL-compatible version isn’t yet fully ready.

Unfortunately, crossnobis (and MVNN) are precisely the reasons we wanted to use the RSA toolbox over nilearn or pymvpa, of course. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to hear that there’s an FSL-compatible version in the works. Do you have any idea what the timeframe of that might be? Or is there beta code we might play with?


The python version of the toolbox works let’s you apply crossnobis to any kind of dataset!