Run SCA with own ROI definitions on preprocessed data after C-PAC ran using the default pipeline


I want to use my own ROI definitions (from number labelled ROI files) to let C-PAC extract ROI time courses, create connectivity matrices and perform seed-based analyses. How may I do this after the preprocessing was performed applying the default pipeline? I don’t want to re-run the whole preprocessing again.

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Hi Martin, thank you for reaching out! SCA doesn’t run in the current version of CPAC, but will be fixed in the next release. We will update you here when the release is live.

Also, you can use custom ROIs for analysis. You can add them in your pipeline file under timeseries_extraction → tse_roi_paths for timeseries extraction, and once SCA is fixed, you can list your ROIs under seed_based_correlation_analysis → sca_roi_paths. If you turn off preprocessing, you can re-run CPAC to generate those derivatives.

Hi Martin, the software update has been released, so SCA should be working. Let us know if you have any issues!

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Hi Elizabeth, is the Version the latest version? is the latest version.