Running conn_surf_gii2nii

cross posting from NITRC: CONN : functional connectivity toolbox: help, I hope that’s ok.

I am trying to convert some gifti files from fmriprep to nifti. When I run the command:


or the command:


I get the error:

Attempt to execute SCRIPT conn_surf_gii2nii as a function:

I am new to conn and matlab, so I initially though it may be a general problem with my setup, but I was able to run:


After some googling I ran the command:

which -all ‘conn_surf_gii2nii’

and got the output:


so I don’t seem to have any extra files with the same name messing things up.

How do I get conn_surf_gii2nii to run?


This turned out to be a bug in conn. See NITRC: CONN : functional connectivity toolbox: help