Running MRIQC on Tedana Output

Hi there,

I am looking to get some group metrics of how my ME-ICA denoised data looks and I was hoping to use MRIQC but I’m not sure if this is possible. When I try and use MRIQC, it seems not be finding any of the denoised files:

mriqc: error: Querying BIDS dataset at got an empty result.

Is there a way to use MRIQC to assess post-Tedana outputs? If so, what might be causing this error?

Just wanted to bump this to see if anyone knows whether it is possible to use MRIQC on multiecho data.

Alternatively, if there are any other methods of running quality assurance on data to determine the degree of noise/motion cleanup that Tedana is doing on my dataset, I’d be incredibly grateful to anyone who might have some ideas. Thanks again in advance!


I’m also just now confronted with this issue. A potential hack would be to create a “temporary” bids folder where the fmriprep-combined multiecho files is in the func folder and then run MRIQC on that directory?