Searchlight questions in nilearn

Hi all,
When i try to learn the searchlight analysis in It echos errors when i ran
searchlight = nilearn.decoding.SearchLight(
radius=5.6, n_jobs=n_jobs,
verbose=1, cv=cv), y)
The errors were: AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘decoding’
How to fix that.

Ahoi hoi @rujing_cha,

following the link you posted and checking the code there, it seems
like this guide/example is missing an necessary import function, more specifically
import nilearn.decoding. Try running that before you define the searchlight and
everything should work fine. You could also have a look at the searchlight example
using the same data and approach here.

Regarding the missing import I’ll open an issue on nilearn’s github page.

HTH, best, Peer

Add on:

Opened the issue on nilearn’s github page.
You can find, check and track it here.