Seeking advice on visualizing Ji's network in nilearn

I am recently analysing hcp data using Glasser’s (2016) atlas with 360 parcells and I would like to use Ji et al.'s (2019) network. Are there some suggestions for me to visualise Ji’s network in nilearn? Or even to visualise Ji’s network based on some quantitative values. Thank you!

Glasser, M.F., Coalson, T.S., Robinson, E.C., Hacker, C.D., Harwell, J., Yacoub, E., Ugurbil, K., Andersson, J., Beckmann, C.F., Jenkinson, M., Smith, S.M. & Van Essen, D.C. (2016) A multi-modal parcellation of human cerebral cortex. Nature, 536, 171-178.

Ji, J.L., Spronk, M., Kulkarni, K., Repovš, G., Anticevic, A. & Cole, M.W. (2019) Mapping the human brain’s cortical-subcortical functional network organization. NeuroImage, 185, 35-57.

Ahoi hoi @gyun,

thank you very much for your question.

Based on the resource the authors provide here, I would say yes. Most likely the .nii and .gii version could be of interested, representing the volume and surface version of the atlas respectively. You should be able to load and visualize the corresponding files via nilearn without problems (assuming the provided files are compatible with current standards).

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Thank you for your help. But this might be a bit difficult for me as a newbie. I am using the v1.1 network partition, based on the “CAB-NP_v1.1_Labels-ReorderedbyNetworks.xlsx” ,which include in Cole Neurocognition Laboratory · GitHub ColeAnticevicNetPartition/blob/master/CAB-NP_v1.1_Labels-ReorderedbyNetworks.xlsx. An important and critical question is, which corresponding nii or gii file should I load? Thanks

AHoi hoi @gyun,

I guess that depends on what you would like to do exactly and the files provided by the authors. I’m unfortunately not familiar with their work and the github repo… did you check the Included Files section? Otherwise, you could open an issue in the repo or start exploring the .nii files.

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Okay, I’ll do some more research and thank you for your sincere and enthusiastic help. Thank you very much!

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no problemo, sorry I couldn’t really help. Please keep us posted how things go!

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Happy to continue the exchange, thanks!