Seeking Collaboration on ASLPrep Gear Integration into Flywheel


I’m part of the research team at CMU-Pitt BRIDGE Center, where we extensively process arterial spin labeling (ASL) data. Our workflow could significantly benefit from integrating ASLPrep into Flywheel.

Despite contacting Flywheel’s support, an official ASLPrep gear on the Gear Exchange appears to be forthcoming. However, I’ve caught wind that UPenn has the ASLPrep and a few other ASL routines packaged as gears.

I’m eager to connect with any members who’ve successfully wrapped ASLPrep into their Flywheel ecosystem. Any insights into how these implementations work and the possibility of further sharing or developing these solutions would be invaluable. Once we’ve identified a feasible implementation, we hope to add ASLPrep to the Flywheel gear exchange catalog for the broader community’s benefit.

Flywheel team suggested opening up a discussion here on Neurostars and the ASLPrep GitHub repository where broader community engagement can occur. Would anyone be open to sharing their experiences or guiding us in adopting or developing ASLPrep gear for Flywheel?


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