Segmenting DTI images



I am trying to segment and mask rois on AD/FA/MD/RD images using fsl.I am getting an error about inconsistent mask and image size. this is the command i am using:
fslstats DTI_image_FA -k “$JHUPATH/roi_1_2mm” -m
previously i have used flirt -in $JHUPATH/roi_1 -ref $JHUPATH/roi_1 -applyisoxfm 2 -nosearch -out $JHUPATH/roi_1_2mm -interp nearestneighbour
to change the roi size but with these dimensions i am not sure how to go about this. any advice is helpful! thanks

My info for the dti images is as follows:
data_type FLOAT32
dim1 128
dim2 128
dim3 59
dim4 1
datatype 16
pixdim1 2.734375
pixdim2 2.734375
pixdim3 2.700000
pixdim4 9.000000
cal_max 0.003654
cal_min 0.000000
file_type NIFTI-1+

and for the ROI:
data_type FLOAT32
dim1 91
dim2 109
dim3 91
dim4 1
datatype 16
pixdim1 2.000000
pixdim2 2.000000
pixdim3 2.000000
pixdim4 1.000000
cal_max 0.000000
cal_min 0.000000
file_type NIFTI-1+

Hi @ET_123456,

You might find the mrgrid function useful, espcially the -regrid option where you can specify a reference image to resample to.

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Keep in mind you want to regrid the mask with nearest neighbor interpolation, do not touch the scalar maps.