Select multiple files with SelectFiles

Part of my code selects a few rois of the superior temporal gyrus

from os.path import join as opj
templates = {'SFG1': opj('{sub}','*frontal_gyrus_sup.nii.gz'),
             'SFG2': opj('{sub}','*front_gyr.nii.gz')}
select = Node(SelectFiles(templates, base_directory=BASE_DIR), name='select')

In a later step I create a single roi from these different rois.

I’ve been trying to select all rois using a single template but none of the regex work inside opj, for example *(frontal_gyrus_sup|front_gyr).nii.gz does not work. I suppose I’ll have to define separate templates like I’m doing above, right? With two it’s not really a problem, but if I have dozens of rois it becomes cumbersome having to create a template for each of them.