Selecting the EDDY or SHARD pipeline for dHCP data related to an neonate

Hi everyone,

I want to extract shape features of dHCP data related to neonate, but I’m not sure which pipeline is suitable for this task. Is there any comparison between SHARD and EDDY pipelines that can tell me which one produces better results?
I would appreciate it if someone who has information about this could guide me.

Maryam shapourjani

Hi @Maryam.Sh and welcome to neurostars!

SHARD definitely appears to be promising for correcting motion in neonatal DWI ( However, there hasn’t been a comparison between tract metrics from the pipelines, but there are some nice visual comparison of ODFs. While both correct for motion and magnetic susceptibility, SHARD does not correct for eddy currents.

SHARD is currently not incorporated into any standard pipelines I can think of. But if you want to try eddy and get shape metrics, you can use QSIPrep, making sure to use the --infant flag and --recon-spec dsi_studio_autotrack flag (which will output tract shape metrics along with other stats).


Dear Steven,
Thanks for your response.

Maryam Shapourjani