Setting hash_method on an fmriprep workflow

the current config documentation for fmriprep 20.2.3 does not indicate if hash_method can be adjusted. is it possible to create a config file with just this and pass it to an fmriprep singularity container ?


fMRIPrep should respect a nipype config found in $PWD/nipype.cfg or ~/.nipype/nipype.cfg (the usual nipype rules). The following are overridden by fMRIPrep’s config:

  • crashfile_format
  • resource_monitor
  • stop_on_first_crash

thanks so much, this is very helpful.

i can’t find nipype.cfg – would this be inside the fmriprep docker container that i am using? and can i change it permanently if it is in there?

thank you so much for your help in advance!

this can be done by adding a nipype.cfg to the directory where the singularity container is launched containing:

hash_method = content

do note the fields of this should correspond to nipype’s configuration as discussed here: basic_execution_configuration