Setting up GLM with no rest/baseline condition

Hello, I am trying to fit a GLM using experimental data that was gathered by a different group of researchers. The issue is that they only included 2 experimental conditions. There is no rest/baseline condition.

The two conditions are “Right” and “Left”. Since there is no rest/baseline condition to be excluded and un-modeled, what would be the correct way to model the GLM? I would like to fit a first-level GLM to retrieve a beta map per trial (to eventually use for SVC decoding).

Thanks in advance for any help!

Note sure I understand the problem: in most fMRI models the rest/baseline condition is implicit (or, equivalently, it captured by an intercept). So you probably want to model the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ condition, and indeed ignore the baseline. And you have to have an intercept (constant regressor).
Bertrand Thirion