Shape table moments - how are they calculated?

I am trying to verify statistical moments in mindboggle output “sulcus_shapes.csv”.

Select a single structure from the file and focus on area and travel depth columns here:
|name|ID|area|travel depth: median|travel depth: mean|
|collateral sulcus|23|2349.66863596863|5.9590169098|6.48712380995582|
Note area and median values.

Open file “vertices.csv” at same location. Select all rows where sulcus ID = 23
|label ID|sulcus ID|area|travel depth|

When i calculate the sum of the area (2349.66863596863) it matches “sulcus_shapes.csv”. When i calculate moments like mean(7.1330239621) and median(7.34413325939166), the values do not match “sulcus_shapes.csv”.
Can anyone explain the error in my method?