Sharing Coding Sessions?

Hi All,

Something that I’ve wanted more examples of in the open (neuro)science community is people just coding. I would like to see how people google their problems, or what commands they use in the terminal, or how they use their preferred text editor. Some of these things are hard to condense into a short blurb of recommended behavior and can be better seen “in the wild”. With non-zero amount of anxiety, I’ve uploaded some of my coding sessions on twitch (warning the volume is really low), and I would love to watch how other people code to learn tips and tricks and things I might be missing to be more efficient/productive (also I welcome feedback if anyone watches one of my videos and has suggestions). For example, I went really long into python without learning about linting and how to use a debugger, and if I had a video of someone coding that I could watch, I may have realized how useful those things are sooner. Additionally, if someone works on one of the many nipy projects; having example coding sessions working on that would be excellent for me (and hopefully for others that wish to contribute and don’t know where/how to start).

I suppose the drawback is that the videos can get quite long without much “useful” interaction happening (at least that is the case in my coding sessions), but I personally wouldn’t mind skipping around someone else’s videos to get a sense of how they work.

Does such a resource already exist?



Pinging this thread again, I made an example of how I contributed to fmriprep, are there other examples out there?

These are great, @jdkent ! Thanks for sharing :sparkles::smiley_cat:

Unfortunately I don’t know too many live-coding resources, but I have seen Nick Wan livestream some fun data science on twitch. Maybe that would be useful ?

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