Sharing human fMRI data in Europe


We have a dataset that we can actually share in a GDPR compatible way because the coauthors are the subjects… however, we still need to follow GDPR since we are an EU organisation. I was thinking of using EBRAINS for sharing the data, however I was not able to get in touch with anyone from EBRAINS in the past 3 months, so I am asking here: has anyone shared human fMRI data in Europe? I know that some organisations have their own repository
I have approached the EGA (European Genome-phenome Archive) and while they rarely publish non-genome data, they do not see any blocker in publishing MRIs, however it would be great to find an European alternative to openneuro, closer to the neuroscience community… any suggestions? Friendly ping to @Cyril_Pernet :slight_smile:

Hi Enrico

yes! you can use our new repo Public-nEUro – we are in alpha, so slowly testing and implementing features but taking data authors and users – please visit Public nEUro and get I touch.


Oh this is a fantastic news!! I will read and get in touch.

Thank you!!