Sharing the first part of a clinical dataset in progress

we have a clinical dataset which ultimately will contain two sessions (pre- and post- intervention) for each subject. We are ready to share the first part, and we would like to do it now, without having to wait the completion of the study.
Is it ok to share it now?
Then, once we have the complete dataset, what’s the best choice? Resubmit the full dataset, or upload the new scans only? Will a new accession number be assigned?


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Hi Danielle,

It’s perfectly fine to share the first part of a two session dataset before second session is acquired. The nature of the study and the fact that more data is coming would need to be described accurately though. In context of using BIDS you would also want to add the optional ses- hierarchy level even though there would be only one session.

If you submit the dataset to OpenfMRI (which I recommend) the accession number will stay the same, but a new release will be created (all datasets are versioned). This way users can access any version of the data.

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