Siemens Physio conversion for BIDS?

Hi all,

We are working on formatting a large dataset into BIDS and would like to include the physio we collected. Before we write new ones ourselves, I was wondering if anyone has a set of scripts for converting Siemens .puls, .ext., and .resp files into .tsv format? Thanks in advance!



Hello John et al,

I just wanted to follow-up on this post and see if you (or others) were able to generate a set of scripts that does the Siemens -> BIDS conversion for physio data that we get off the scanner? I think I’m in a similar boat in that I’d rather start with a base if others have worked on this.


Hi Nate,

Thanks for following up! Yes, our lab manager actually just got a beta script working to do this conversion. Let me check with him and see if he’s ready for others to test and if so I will share the repo here.


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Hi John,

Must have accidentally turned notifications from this thread… oops. Thanks for your work on this, looking forward to trying it out!