Siibra atlases or just or AAL3

Hello NeuroStars community,

I had initially planned to utilize the latest version of the Automatic Anatomic Labeling (AAL3) for generating an individual report on the metabolic rates per parcel from a PET brain image. However, my discovery of Siibra and the EBRAINS platform has introduced some uncertainties regarding the choice of atlas. I am now contemplating whether there are other atlases of higher quality that I may not be aware of.

While I’m aware that other software packages such as FSL and SPM utilize AAL, I’m uncertain if they can provide detailed statistics for each parcel, including metrics such as the mean of the BQML, standard deviation, maximum, and minimum values. Additionally, I have recently become acquainted with cytomaps atlases like the Julich-Brain atlas, which is entirely new to me. Is there a comprehensive resource page where I can learn about all available atlases? The ones I’ve come across only cover the most common ones like MNI, ICBM, and Talairach.

Furthermore, I’m curious about the purpose of platforms such as EBRAINS, the Human Brain Project, Brainlife, and Neurohub. While I’ve used Openneuro before and understand its role as an open database for brain studies, I’m unsure about how I can integrate the other platforms into my study.

See this section in the nilearn doc where we try to point to other resources for atlases.

To my knowledge Neuroparc has the most exhaustive list, though you always have new ones coming out that may not be on there (like NextBrain)

There are many atlases available in many different spaces. The default set included with the AFNI package has the MNI_Glasser_HCP, the JulichBrain and the Pijnenburg Brodmann atlases along with many others you can peruse. There are atlases for humans, macaques, marmosets, rats, mice, dogs,… The whereami command can show what region is identified with a coordinate in a particular template space across atlases or just which atlases are available on your system, as in the example below. Other atlases are available for download at the link below (or through various @Install_xxx scripts).

whereami -show_atlases
++ ----- Atlas list: -------
++ Name             Space    Dataset              Description
++ __________________________________________________________
++ MNI_Glasser_HCP_v1.0      MNI_2009c_asym  /Users/glend/abin//MNI_Glasser_HCP_v1.0.nii.gz Glasser HCP 2016 surface-based parcellation                 
++ Brainnetome_1.0           MNI             /Users/glend/abin//BN_Atlas_246_1mm.nii.gz Brainnetome MPM                                             
++ CA_MPM_22_MNI             MNI_N27         /Users/glend/abin//MNI_caez_mpm_22+tlrc Eickhoff-Zilles MPM atlas                                   
++ CA_MPM_22_TT              TT_N27          /Users/glend/abin//TT_caez_mpm_22+tlrc Eickhoff-Zilles MPM atlas 2.2 - Talairach space             
++ CA_N27_ML                 TT_N27          /Users/glend/abin//TT_caez_ml_18+tlrc Macro Labels (N27)                                          
++ CA_N27_GW                 TT_N27          /Users/glend/abin//TT_caez_gw_18+tlrc Cytoarch. Prob. Maps for gray/white matter 1.8              
++ CA_ML_18_MNI              MNI_N27         /Users/glend/abin//MNI_caez_ml_18+tlrc Macro Labels (N27-MNI)                                      
++ CA_LR_18_MNI              MNI_N27         /Users/glend/abin//MNI_caez_lr_18+tlrc Left/Right (N27-MNI)                                        
++ Haskins_Pediatric_Nonline HaskinsPeds     /Users/glend/abin//HaskinsPeds_NL_atlas1.01+tlrc.HEAD Version 1.01                                                
++ FS.afni.MNI2009c_asym     MNI_2009c_asym  /Users/glend/abin//FS.afni.MNI2009c_asym.nii.gz Freesurfer MNI2009c DK parcellation                         
++ FS.afni.TTN27             TT_N27          /Users/glend/abin//FS.afni.TTN27.nii.gz Freesurfer TT_N27 DK parcellation                           
++ Brodmann_Pijn             MNI_N27         /Users/glend/abin//Brodmann.nii.gz Brodmann atlas MNI N27 - Pijnenburg                         
++ Brodmann_Pijn_AFNI        MNI_2009c_asym  /Users/glend/abin//Brodmann_pijn_afni.nii.gz Brodmann atlas for MNI 2009c - Pijnenburg AFNI version      
++ Julich_MNI2009c           MNI_2009c_asym  /Users/glend/abin//Julich_MNI2009c.nii.gz JulichBrain 3.0 for MNI 2009c asymmetric space              
++ Julich_MNI_N27            MNI_N27         /Users/glend/abin//Julich_MNI_N27.nii.gz JulichBrain 3.0 for MNI N27 space