Simulating IPSCs and EPSCs at specific membrane potentials

Hello everyone!

In my project, we will use a whole-cell voltage clamp to record EPSCs (glutamate only) at -72 mV (reversal potential of chloride) and IPSCs (chloride only) at 0 mV (reversal potential of glutamate).

For now, I would have to simulate realistic EPSCs and IPSCs at those holding potentials (without any real data at all) with MATLAB

The equation would be:

I = G_max * m * h* (Vm-Vrev), with:

  • G_max, the maximal total conductance of all receptors combined
  • m=(1-exp(-t/Tau_rise)) for the activation variable
  • h=exp(-t/Tau_decay) for the inactivation variable
  • Vm, the membrane potential and Vrev, the reversal potential.

Since in this case there are no recordings, we define the conductances ourselves and this is what I’m struggling with. In particular, I would need to know the maximal possible conductance of both chloride and glutamate (I’ve tried to look them up but can’t find them) and also I’m not sure how to integrate the equations. Do you maybe have any insights to share based on your previous project and expertise?

Thank you!