Slice time correction with multiband/short TR

I am about to process some recently acquired multiband fMRI data (MB factor of 4, TR = 1.1s) with fMRIPrep. I am new to using multiband imaging, and so I was wondering what the current thoughts are on applying slice time correction to data like these. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @dfareri,

The default settings of fMRIPrep, including slice timing correction, should be fine to deal with multiband data. In general, slice timing correction shouldn’t cause any issues as long as there is not a large amount of motion in your scans, with diminishing returns the faster your TR is.


Great, thanks for the quick response!


Make sure to account for respiratory artifacts too:

Here is a paper suggesting that the method they propose for slice-timing correction is beneficial even at short TR (HCP data with TR=720ms):

Thanks @earl and @jsein for the papers, I’ll check them out.