Slice timing correction

I think I have an important question about slice timing.
i’ve downloaded this dataset High-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI data and i checked it with bids validator, the bids format was ok.
but it had a warning about no slice time is in the file !!
and I also searched about some paper that used this dataset and also a paper that described dataset
but i couldn’t find anything about Slice timing ,…
maybe it is naive question ,but i searched a lot
any help will be appreciated. thank you

@eknahm might know the answer

Hey @Mahdiyar_Shahbazi,

did you check the amazing website?
Besides detailed information about this cool project, there’s also a section about the available datasets.
Having a closer look, you can also find the dataset of your interest and within there files containing meta data regarding the “different flavours”, e.g. here run-01 from sub-01.
I hope @eknahm will drop in as well and call bs on my pointers in case I’m wrong.

HTH, best, Peer

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@PeerHerholz thanks for your greatttt advice about relevant datasets ! an i’ll immediately check studyforrest .
thank you :slight_smile: