"slice timing in multiband fMRI acquisition"

Hi, I’m trying to perform slice timing correction and my images are collected from a multiband acquisition protocol, 4 slices are acquired at the same time. So it’s interleaved, but for 4 slices at the same time (eg. slices 0, 12, 24, and 36 are acquired at the same time, then 2, 14, 26, and 38, etc.)
So, what is my slice order?
by the way, I’m using Bids format.

What is the manufacturer? For Siemens slice timing is in the CSA header for V* and 0018,9074 for XA. The formula for GE is here. The slice times are not stored in Philips DICOM images, so you will want to work with your regional clinical scientist to resolve slice times.

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