Slices missing from fMRIPrep quality report

Hi all,

I’m going through the HTML quality reports for some subjects (they all ran fMRIPrep without errors) and I’m noticing that occasionally a figure will have a slice that’s completely missing. For example:

Is it normal to occasionally have missing slices? And if this is not normal, what steps would you suggest to troubleshoot what went wrong?

I’m running fmriprep version 1.5.2 with Docker and viewing the HTML report with Firefox.

Yes this is undesired but normal. We worked on the calculation of cutting planes a fair bit in the past and this seems like a regression of the problem. Good news is your preprocessed results should be okay (at least, this doesn’t indicate any issue as it is just a visualization artifact).

Okay, I missed the Firefox bit. Please try with Chrome, sometimes Firefox does not render some of the planes for unknown reasons.